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Who am I?

I’m just like you. I shop online, I read reviews, I research everything, and I embrace technology.

I came to Nashville in the fall of 2019 from the beach town of Destin, Florida.


Ever since I could drive in high school, I worked on the beach as a beach attendant. 


Do I love the beach? Of course! Who doesn't!


But, my passion, and where I found true enjoyment was meeting different kinds of people with their wild personalities and assisting them however I could.

After working 12-hour days for ten years, I found myself in an incredibly fortunate and lucrative position. However, I knew that wasn’t the future I had in store for myself.


How could I best transfer my skills to help people in the best way possible?

Fast forward ten months later and I am having the biggest closing downtown Nashville has seen in almost two and a half years reaching 4.5 million dollars for a Penthouse at The 505.

It took almost ten months of research and diligence to get there, and this site is the result of all that hard work. Everything has been reformatted, originally amongst online files and handwritten notes. You can now see everything I have learned in a much more organized and easier to understand way.

After reading all the info on this site, you will be armed with more knowledge about Nashville and the Emerald Coast than you ever thought possible. And it’s all in one place.

If that sounds overwhelming, don’t despair, it’s all in my head too and I’ll help you find a home you’ll love in the real world.

So, let’s talk Real Estate and all she has to offer. And don’t worry, I’ll never pressure you to buy a home. I find a pushy salesman just annoying as you do.

I love Nashville and the Emerald Coast and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

I know you’ll love it here too.

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 Steve Strano closes out 2020 with the biggest Downtown Nashville closing seen in two and half years.

After working for ten months looking for a high-rise condo for a high-profile client out of Jacksonville, Florida, Steve sent shock waves through Tennessee and had the biggest downtown sale Nashville has seen in over two and a half years. This sale could have easily have been forgotten or lost, but persistence was key.

Every month, Steve would send a customized report to his client, like clockwork, with the newest and best condos on the market as well as new developments like BroadWest and the Four Seasons. This customization and understanding that every single client is unique led him to remain vigilant and patient.

The results? The massive $4.5M sale of the 505 Penthouse in downtown Nashville: 

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