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LOOKING FOR HOMES OR CONDOS FOR SALE IN DESTIN? is a great place to find all kinds of information to aid you on your search.


Here you will have access to the most updated lists of Destin, Miramar Beach and 30A homes and condos for sale so you can get what you need without wasting any time.  

Browse our listings and sort condos by price, size, or location to find everything from a one-bedroom flat to a penthouse.


Living in the Emerald Coast means that you can often enjoy luxury amenities such as pools, spas, gyms, and concierge service.


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Popularly called The Worlds Luckiest Fishing Village, Destin is now a hotbed of activity and tourism. Anchored on the west side by the Emerald Grande and Harborwalk Village, this area is known for its other nearby attraction, Crab Island. 

Crab Island is a former actual island if you can believe it! As recently as 50 years ago this area was above water, but only by a few inches. With increased activity and tides this area has shifted the ever changing sands and now is a popular spot to anchor a pontoon boat and hang out in the waist deep water with your best of friends. 

Harborwalk Village is a key component of the area if you are interested in deep sea fishing. The largest fishing fleet in the Gulf of Mexico calls this port home. There are major events year round that run out of this area like a Seafood Gumbo Cookoff, Beer and Wine Contests and even weekly fireworks shows. 

Some of the best restaurants in the area call Destin home including Boshamps, Landsharks, and McGuires. 

The nightlife here is some of the best in the area as well, and if you are looking to watch a game with a hundred of your newly made friends, you will find a TV playing the game in almost every Bar. 

It is worth noting that this area is not without its flaws. The traffic here gets clogged easily as 98 in the one main road. One wreck and it shuts down the whole stretch for an hour. The beaches in this area are amazing, as the others are, but with the high density in the area, they can become more crowded than the others quicker. Many beach services in the area are forced to run rows on the beach to be able to provide for all of the guests that stay there.   



Kelly Plantation Golf Course

Shameless Plug: Rob Strano Golf Instruction is housed here and this is my home Golf Course. I LOVE this place. The greens are always in top condition and the restaurant in the Clubhouse is always a good time and full of good healthy food. 


Crab Island

Formerly an actual Island, This spot north of the Destin bridge is a hotspot in the summer for boats to pull up and dock to spend the day. A great spot to hang out with the buddies all day and drink while swimming in the waist deep water. Fourth of July, you will see thousands of boats out here.


Craft Bar

My go to spot in Destin or Grande Boulevard for a good Beer and a Burger. There is always a game on tv and a positive atmosphere to be had. When you go here, you HAVE to get the smoked old fashioned. When I get back into town and stop by here I always have to get at least one!



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