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The Adelicia Nashville


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Hattie B's Hot Chicken

I love my hot chicken, and I love my Hattie B's. Absolutely massive chicken sandwiches, it almost seems as if their chicken breast meat was replaced by a turkeys. Incredible flavor. Incredible sides. Hot chicken sandwich, mac and cheese side and sweet tea is the ticket. No games.


Parthenon at Centennial Park

Built for the Centennial World Exposition in 1897, the Parthenon and the surrounding areas has recently been revamped featuring walking and running trails around a lake as well as a 40 foot Athena statue inside. The only exact Parthenon replica in the world.

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The Patterson House

In Midtown there is a row of bars you can migrate from one to the next, and Patterson House is the top option if you are looking for an exceptional cocktail. Small and intimate setting with small bites to eat. They only use the best ingredients to craft their cocktails. 



Out of Nashville’s Downtown High Rises, the luxurious Adelicia is the furthest west, making it the closest to Music Row, Midtown, and Vanderbilt. For nearly a half decade, The Adelicia enjoyed its reign as the ‘it’ high-rise, setting records for price per sqft and highest price for a unit (which of course have since been surpassed).

Ray Hensler, who would later go on to be the Developer for TwelveTwelve, was paired with a trio of local investors for this project. The Adelicia, built to 18 stories in 2007 attracted Taylor Swift and Simon Fuller, among other heavy hitters in varying industries.

The big attraction for The Adelicia, is that is it the perfect high rise for those that enjoy the city atmosphere, while also having the chance to experience all that Nashville has to offer. This is to say that while you are so close to downtown, you also have the luxury to be able to escape when you are needing to go to Green Hills or 12 South for food or shopping. Radnor Lake and Percy Warner Park are just ten minutes away if you are wanting an outdoors escape as well.

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