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LIVE Market Stats

As I constantly seek the evasive answer to the real estate question that never dies, "What do you think the market is doing?", I found my answer constantly changing -- as it should -- as the market shifts.

But where am I getting these numbers from? You may, or may not feel that what I am saying is true, but how would you really check me?


Now, I can show you exactly what I see on the inside of the howling V12 engine that is currently the Nashville real estate market.


LIVE, automatically updated stats is the best way for me to constantly show what is going on.


And for those that love stacks of graphs and numbers, this is the page for you!

We love it here, and we know you will too! Here's why.

Nashville is what you make it -- it has its sleepy, quiet neighborhoods as well as its busy, 18-hour parts of town and that's the way we like it!


You will find Nashville holds a priority on the power of its Story, as the diversity and history of this town holds an immense power over tearing down and renovating neighborhoods. For example, one of the most unique parts of town, Germantown still has an incredible amount of renovated brick buildings that have been fixed up and re-purposed into boutique apartments and incredible restaurants. 


These easy to access neighborhoods often are so close to each other that you may find yourself getting a coffee in The Gulch, going for a jog at Percy Warner, and make that meeting you have in Germantown, all before 10 AM.  And without breaking a sweat (besides the previous jog at Percy Warner) !

Luckily you are not alone in this process. We supply the tools and lists you need to make the smartest decision possible. We understand that even when we work with 100 different people from the same industry and division, we are dealing with 100 different individuals and their families with their own likes and dislikes; hopes and dreams. 

Looking to get started? We recommend checking out our neighborhood finder first on our Neighborhoods page, a 60 second no pressure way to match the perfect neighborhood to you.

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