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The Nashville Housing Market is HOT, Has It Ever Been a Better Time to Sell?

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

If you own a home in Germantown, Green Hills, Downtown / Gulch, 12 South, Belle Meade, or East Nashville...

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The Nashville housing market is HOT!

It is no secret that Nashville has seen an influx of home buyers from both the northeast and west coasts with the vast majority of buyers looking for quality homes in the downtown core (Downtown / Gulch, Germantown, Green Hills, 12 South, Belle Meade, or East Nashville.) Whether it is the proximity to high performing schools, or the desire to live in superb luxury homes, this area has seen a greater interest from relocating buyers.

(if you love numbers and data, Nashville Ranks 3rd Nationwide in Real Estate Prospects per PWC RealTrends) 117 pgs.

Download • 9.40MB

The Nashville Housing Market is Hot: Sell your Nashville Home Now and Get Top Dollar

If you own a home in any of the most desired neighborhoods (Downtown / Gulch, Germantown, Green Hills, 12 South, Belle Meade, or East Nashville) and are contemplating listing your home, please give me a call today. If your home is newer, with a large yard, lake front or well-maintained we will have buyers for it! You will not even have to list it for sale to get it sold! Today’s market is ideal for sellers; the disparity between demand and supply puts you in the position where you can get the highest possible price ever.

If you would be open to entertain a conversation about selling at the very least, please give me a call. If you would be open to talk you can rest assured that if you are willing to sell, I will have buyers that I can bring directly. Given our large and ever-expanding database, there is a high likelihood we already have a buyer for your property.

Download Full Report Here (two pages):

Nashville Market Update October 2020
Download PDF • 104KB

The Best Nashville Real Estate Agent for your Listing is whomever has National and Global Reach.

Nashville is not a market that attracts merely local buyers. Nashville is a global city appealing to investors from all over the globe and the latest influx of buyers are from the northeast and California.

If your realtor has no website or a website that does not rank with the major search engines how will anyone ever find your listing?

As of recent we have been picking up listings that have been previously and unsuccessfully listed by other agents. Often big listings that have been entrusted to agents with little to no web presence. We are living in a ‘post-covid’ world now and if it has not become clear, it should become clear that everyone looking to buy property is looking extensively online for options and information to make their purchase before they actually buy. In Nashville we have been inundated with relocating buyers and not only do they look for properties, but they look for guidance on the best neighborhoods, schools, gated communities, lifestyle, sales statistics and anything else that helps them focus on the area or neighborhood they want to buy in. Whomever provides that information becomes their go-to partner.

Those who are looking for Nashville real estate from out of town do not have a local realtor yet so what are they most likely to do? Either search for a Nashville realtor or a site to browse for properties themselves. They start searching on Google for “Green Hills Homes for Sale” or “Downtown Nashville Condos for sale”. If your realtor cannot be found, your listing cannot be found.

If you have a Nashville home and you want to reach buyers for Nashville homes then you should have a realtor who ranks high for “Nashville Homes for Sale”. With 1000’s of homes for sale and 1000’s of realtors in this town you need to have a realtor that makes your home stand out in the crowd.

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