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The Future of The High Rise Condo Goes Through Broadwest Nashville

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Shivering with wind ripping through my jacket atop the halfway built BroadWest building, my mind started thinking about what the future of this location would look like. Of course, I’m thinking this as my toes are on the edge of scaffolding railing, taking in a full 360-degree view of the amazing Nashville skyline. The mix of fear, optimism and excitement is a strange cocktail, and is sending my mind reeling about Nashville’s hottest upcoming mixed-use high rise.

Nearing completion at the end of 2021, Broadwest has recently "topped out" both buildings.

Early renderings and commotion online have this four-acre city block set up as a mini community. With four restaurants within the residential tower, as well as Edgar's Bakery and two other bars/restaurants set to go in on the bottom floors of the office tower across the courtyard, your biggest issue will be fighting your friends and family from visiting every other weekend.

Are you moving here from another corner of the nation and looking to meet all sorts of successful people?

This will be the place to be.

Sitting on an entire city block, BroadWest is split up into three buildings. On the west side, the residences stand 34 stories in total, and are split between condo owners and hotel guests.

The impeccable Hilton brand, Conrad, will command the first 14 floors. Above that, floors 16-34 will be the owners’ condos. The 15th floor will be a transitional floor containing utilities for both residences and the hotel.

However, both entities will have their individual private lounges, two restaurants, bars, pools and more. Like one-way mirrored glass, as an owner if you wish to head to the hotel bar, you can! Just not the opposite way.

On the opposite side, is 510,000+ square feet of Class AA office space, developed under LEED Gold standards. Separating the two will be a 1.5-acre green space that will have many different uses and events through the year.

In between the two office and residential towers on the north side will be a smaller three story, 100,000+ sqft creative office building with a skyline terrace.

“Rooftop pool, billiards room, golf simulator, more than 2,500 parking spaces, multiple bars, and five restaurants within literal stumbling distance,” I remember hearing. Bridgestone Arena, Vanderbilt, and Whole Foods all within less than a mile. Even the downsides are positives, room service from both the restaurant and bar with monthly tabs. Oof!

Included within are top of the line appliance packages, all sub-zero Wolf appliances and gas stoves. To accomplish this, they have had to figure out how to feed an immense amount of ducts to keep safety standards high. This feat has been accomplished by using American ingenuity and engineering so that all of the residences can have this top-notch feature. It is no small feat!

Floor plans with a two-bedroom layout have been selected as the cornerstone of this development occupying three out of the four corners of the building from the 16th-31st floors, as well as, six out of the eleven condos per floor.

Seeing the success and demand for these units downtown have made this style an obvious attractor for BroadWest.

For Propst Development, the $540-million-dollar Midtown project has an estimated completion of 2021. Currently over one hundred workers are completing a floor every nine days on the office side of the complex, before they join forces with the residential side. It is expected that if you blink, you will miss its finalization.

Perhaps, the biggest pros with this property, are what the others are missing because of practical logistics. The ability for Propst Development to dig down seven stories before they could start building has been a task that will have big future implications in terms of how others will compare in terms of highly sought-after parking space.

Downtown traffic in 2019 sees over 80% of workers drive to and from work. Parking is becoming more and more highly revered. BroadWest’s 2,500+ parking garage will be able to support both the 21-story office building, as well as, the 34-story hotel/condo with spots available for rent if you are needing more.

With eleven different floor plans ranging from the bottom one-bedroom, to the top three-bedroom suite on the corner of the 31st floor, this is shaping up to be the most bang for your buck location in the area. For those that are looking to have the high rise lifestyle, but aren’t in love with battling the downtown traffic to get in and out, the Propst family sure has struck gold with this location, and they are making sure to not leave anything out.

Contact me soon for early viewing, prices are expected to rocket up as completion nears.

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