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The 5 Best Nashville High Rises

Nashville's and its downtown expansion from the past ten years is continuing with almost two billion dollars worth of investment in residential high rises and condominiums. But, as people are moving here by the tune of 100 a day, what are the top 5 current best high rises in the Downtown realm?

As of this writing, the Four Seasons and Broadwest have not reached completion, although Broadwest will be finished and livable by fall of 2021 with the Four Seasons reaching completion in 2022. If they were included, I suspect both the Four Seasons and Broadwest to be competitive in this list, even competing for top spots.

Both the Broadwest and Four Seasons are in the pre-selling phase.

It is always of interest when new buildings are introduced to a neighborhood, similar to a new kid in school. How will they fit in, or stand out? Will they shatter ceilings and outperform their expectations or overreach and stumble?

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#1 The 505 -

Search Listings at The 505>>>

The current leader of the pack. Incredible views from every corner and the best location out of all Nashville high rises. Once you are inside, it feels expansive. Floor to ceiling windows in each unit, with the Penthouses with twenty foot plus ceilings. Amenity deck features two pools, tennis courts, dog park, and pool side cabanas.

The 505 is nestled in a downtown entertainer’s prime location, sits Nashville’s tallest residential tower. A Tony Giarratana development, is in the perfect location for the best that Downtown and Lower Broadway has to offer.

This tower also holds a special place in my heart as I have recently sold one of the four Penthouses, for $4,500,000. After looking for 10 months and seeing everything Nashville has to offer, my client decided their best option was here, at The 505.

If location is paramount in your search for a high-rise condo, look no further. The best entertainment options Downtown has to offer are nearby. Admittedly, I do have long legs and walk fast, even if I was fireman carrying Ryan Tannehill to Nissan Stadium, the longest it would take me is 15 minutes.

Downtown entertainment within a 15-minute walk:

· Lower Broadway bars and live music

· Secret Speakeasies (hidden bars)

· Top restaurants and rooftop bars

· Bridgestone Arena for Pro Hockey, Concerts

The 505 not only has the best location, but it is also the tallest residential tower in Nashville standing 45 stories tall.

The only other building taller is the Batman Building, but with the 505 sitting uphill, it is a close call! The building is split between long-term rentals and owners at the 30th floor, each with their own parking, elevators and amenity levels. This is similar to Four Seasons and Broadwest, the main difference being that these are long term renters, who aren’t here just to tear it up for the weekend.

The outdoor amenity deck, swimming pool, and sunning deck is lifted seven stories into the sky.

Amenities also found on the same floor: tennis courts, poolside cabanas, dog park, cornhole, and fire-pits. You may be living downtown, but within the walls you find yourself in more of a sprawled, suburban resort.

The eighth floor is available for owners only, and includes rentable entertainment space for guests with a full-service chef’s kitchen, coffee bar, gym, and Carmen’s Room.

Carmen’s Room, named after Tony Giarratana’s mother, pays homage to her Italian upbringing and features a massive table that seats enough to host the busiest of Thanksgiving dinners.

It is nestled next to the wine cellar with rentable wine storage lockers.

Once you are inside the units you will find floor to ceiling windows and six feet of concrete between units to leave you only with the views of Broadway, and not the sounds. Incredible views from every unit no matter which direction you face. The bottom most available unit on the 30th floor is at the same level as the Penthouses at the Viridian.

#2 TwelveTwelve -

Search Listings at TwelveTwelve>>>

The 2008 housing recession in Nashville was felt similarly as it was around the country. Future projects however, were well in the works for Developer Ray Hensler with Hensler Development Group.

TwelveTwelve was the first high rise to be built following the recession as the Nashville high rise market was bursting at the seams.

Market inventory following the crash had rebounded, but had also dropped to levels signaling there was a thirst for bigger projects. Also, shockwaves were being sent out at Hensler’s previous endeavor in Music Row over at The Adelicia. They just had a few major sales topping $2,000,000 for penthouses, unheard of at that time in the Nashville high-rise market.

Nashville needed a new, better tower, Ray Hensler gave it to them. Previous projects seen in Nashville had been hit and miss with a key demographic. The two-bedroom condo buyer.

Hensler was able to recognize that, building out 57% of the TwelveTwelve units into thoughtfully laid out two-bedroom units, with a handful of three-bedroom units and seven Penthouses.

TwelveTwelve is also Nashville’s most recent tower built in the southern corner of downtown, an area called The Gulch.

The Gulch neighborhood is the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified neighborhood in the south, tenth nationwide, and 14th worldwide.

This focal point made the area extremely walkable, environmentally safe; full of fun shops, office buildings, restaurants and residences.

The high rise brings 286 residences among its 23 floors and has a large focus on improving your well-being with amenities.

There is a 3,800-square-foot wellness center space (voted “Best Local Gym” in the Nashville Scene’s “Best of Nashville” awards) and outdoor park space five stories in the air, filled with greenspace, fire pits, grills, a saline heated pool and hot-tub.

#3 The Adelicia -

Search Listings at The Adelicia>>>

Out of Nashville’s Downtown High Rises, the luxurious Adelicia is the furthest west, making it the closest to Music Row, Midtown, and Vanderbilt.

For nearly a half decade, The Adelicia enjoyed its reign as the ‘it’ high-rise, setting records for price per sqft and highest price for a unit (which of course have since been surpassed.)

Ray Hensler, who would later go on to be the Developer for TwelveTwelve, was paired with a trio of local investors for this project. The Adelicia, built to 18 stories in 2007 attracted Taylor Swift and Simon Fuller, among other heavy hitters in varying industries.

The big attraction for The Adelicia, is that is it the perfect high rise for those that enjoy the city atmosphere, while also having the chance to experience all that Nashville has to offer.

This is to say that while you are so close to downtown, you also have the luxury to be able to escape when you are needing to go to Green Hills or 12 South for food or shopping.

Radnor Lake and Percy Warner Park are just ten minutes away if you are wanting an outdoors escape as well.

#4 ICON -

Search Listings at The ICON >>>

After being voted best place to live downtown by NashvilleScene in their 2010 reader’s poll, ICON and the surrounding area in the Gulch has only improved.

Behind the main initiative led by Jay Turner (MarketStreet Enterprises) and Charles Carlisle (Bristol Development Group), was at its core, to build out the Gulch neighborhood with urban designs that remembered its past but also reached into the future.

The roughly 60 acres making up The Gulch historically back to the 1980’s was a railroad and train depot area, with very few residents or other business. Today it has incorporated a few old themes, reusing much of the old steel all while catering to the environmentally conscious buyer of the now and future.

Today it boasts an incredibly fashionable, hip urban neighborhood with safe, easy to walk streets. Locally owned businesses dot the streets, including some favorites like Saint Anejo, Pins Mechanical Company, and the rooftop bar at LA Jacksons.

Once inside, you are greeted by a 24-hour concierge, and can step into the high-speed elevators to get to your room, or to the massive amenity deck.

On the deck you will have access to the community grill, massive courtyard pool, fire pit, outdoor dining, and gym. The ICON on this level features an indoor/ outdoor courthouse with doors that roll up in nice weather.

The condo units themselves (unless upgraded) feature floor to ceiling glass windows, quartz countertops, and polished concrete floors and partially unfinished concrete ceilings. Quirky is a word to use, but for the typical 20 to 40-year-old buyer at the ICON, it feels a lot like home.

#5 The Viridian -

Search Listings at The Viridian>>>

Before the conversion at the Cumberland to change it from luxury rentals to condos, The Viridian was the first luxury tower in Nashville.

Voted in 2007 by Executive Magazine as Best High Rise in the Nation, The Viridian was the spark that has started the downtown living boom.

Another Tony Giarratana production: The Viridian rises 31 stories, has a total price tag of 70 million dollars, and has a spectacular location. This made it the perfect recipe for Nashville’s first jump into the pool of residential towers.

The Viridian sold out six months before completion – a feat that has yet to be duplicated.

With 360-degree views, Church Street locale, rooftop pool, and a low cost to entry, it is the perfect place to start out if you are a high rise first-timer.

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