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REI 1 & 2 Deal Analyst

This Excel Spreadsheet will allow you to analyze either 1 or 2 rental properties at a time to determine which has the best ROI, Cap Rate, and Cash on Cash Return all on one page.

Every state and city is different and you will have different targets for what you can consider a "good deal." A 30% ROI might be amazing in Miami, but laughable in Detroit or St. Louis.

Change the ranges on the front page to accommodate your specific desired returns and let the workbook do the rest of the work for you!

Check out the Amortization page that pairs the Deal Analyst, as that will show the numbers related to your estimated payments and what would happen if you paid more on top of your monthly amount.

Note: this sheet is to be used as a tool, and all final numbers are estimates. Setting up a local team of Realtors, Lenders, and Contractors can significantly help you get the deal you are looking for.

Analyze 1 Deal at a Time (updated):

REI 1 Deal Analyst
Download XLSX • 43KB

Compare 2 Deals Side by Side (updated):

REI 2 Deal Analyst
Download XLSX • 74KB


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