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Inside Kaiya, 30A’s Newest Luxury Resort

Kaiya is the perfect community for those who want to enjoy life on 30A.

Brought to you from the same people that brought you Alys Beach.

Architects and urban designers Erik Vogt and Marieanne Khoury-Vogt have once again paired with Kaiya owners Jason Romair and John Pinkerton to bring another top of the line offering to the area.

Here, you can have it all – privacy and togetherness, activity and relaxation, natural beauty and modern convenience. It’s a retreat where you will feel carefree and cared for. Supported by a high level of concierge services and by the friendly warmth of the coast. You won’t find another place like this anywhere else in the world!

Kaiya offers an unparalleled level of service that makes your life easier than ever before. From our 24/7 concierge team to our housekeeping staff to our beach service attendants, we are here to make sure everything runs smoothly so that you can focus on what matters most – enjoying yourself with family or friends at home or out exploring nearby attractions.

Our homes are also designed with comfort in mind; each features spacious living areas with large windows that let in plenty of natural light while offering stunning views of the Gulf Coast sunsets over the beautiful Emerald Coast waters.


East side of 30A, directly on the West side of the luxury anchor of 30A - Alys Beach.

This highly specialized team is pulling inspiration from world class locations around he world, blending the lines of romance, design, and intimate detail. Alys Beach will soon find its new luxury neighbor within this beach community.

Kaiya will be bringing a world class, an all-inclusive experience.

Kaiya condos, beach front villas and luxury homes are currently being built in their first of two chapters. Their first round of condos selling out in one day in June of 2021. Chapter two is open currently. Villas and Condos are currently breaking ground.

More information available upon request.


Kaiya Master Plan 21-11-05
Download PDF • 1.69MB

Beach Villa CGI:


Download PDF • 25.35MB


Lot 32 Villa Floor Plan-Pricing
Download PDF • 5.74MB

Please contact me for additional information, available upon request.


Condos have two left at 2,7 and one Penthouse at 5,1

Beach Villas starting at 5,39

Kaiya Residences, request pricing. Availability changes almost daily.

I am a dually licensed Realtor in both FL and TN.

Based in Destin, FL with Premier Property Group and Nashville, TN with Parks Realty.

Referrals are welcomed at 30%.

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