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Destin and 30A Rental History from June 2021 - May 2022

For a macro view of the markets, this sheet is a solid tool to make estimations on your rental investments.

Pulled directly from Airdna, this spreadsheet can be used in tandem with the Real Estate Investing Spreadsheet to get a idea on profitability.

A Tip: Understand the benefits for what might separate a unit from the others. What gives a condo a 'leg up' on its competition. Distance to the beach, shopping, and restaurants. Modern updates and relative safety. Ease of use and communication of the management team and the guests, to name a few.

The hardest part of analysis in your investing journey is to have a fair, non emotional judgement on your prospective property. If you know it's an older unit that needs upgrades, it is easy to be at the 50th percentile mark, but it is safer to be conservative than overly optimistic and in the hole financially.

To download the Destin and 30A Rental History Sheet pictured above, click below:

Airdna Rental History, Destin&Santa Rosa Beach
Download XLSX • 17KB

To download the Real Estate Investing Property Analysis tool, click below:

REI 1 Deal Analyst
Download XLSX • 43KB

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