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11 Local SECRETS You Should Know Before Moving to Nashville

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

1. Zanies Comedy Club – the who’s who of past, current, and future comedy has come through here. Just about every comedian you can think of has graced the stage here. Incredible date spot and a great way to get an evening started.

2. Yes, we have a Margaritaville, and it is also true that if you go there, I will consider you the enemy (half kidding). There are so many other cool places to go and stay!

(in picture: under the Dream Hotel, linked to Printers Alley is this lavish escape.)

3. Boutique Hotels here have their hidden secrets.

a. 21C – Art gallery and exceptional downstairs bar

b. Dream Hotel – Speakeasies and borderline-lavish nightlife

c. Bobby Hotel – Rooftop bar and full spa

d. Noelle – Delightfully unpredictable and unique rooftop bar with exceptional views

4. Speakeasy bars – sometimes you want a place to escape that is so tucked away, that it feels illegal to be there. Nashville is littered with these little hidden bars that are close to popular spots, but sneakily hidden with crafty entrances.

5. Outdoor getaways are closer than you think. Not the Cumberland River. You get in that, and you better also get a tetanus shot. But, within 30 minutes you have great parks, outdoor spaces, hiking / biking / horseback riding trails, waterfalls and kayak able waterways.

Percy Warner or Lake Radnor are favorites of mine.

6. Beware the tourist traps. Lower Broadway between the Nissan Stadium and Bridgestone Arena have a few hidden smaller joints to get a cheap drink, but I’ve made the mistake of ordering a $25 dollar Jack and Coke from a well-known spot.

Learn from my mistakes.

7. Celebrities constantly operate within the city, and once you recognize them, the best thing you can do is be cool. Some of the best interaction stories are of high-profile celebs hanging out for hours playing pool in the back of a restaurant with their friends because they felt comfortable.

8. Southern Babe Factory – some of the most beautiful belles in the South call Nashville home. It’s almost like there is an assembly line somewhere.

9. Nelson Greenbriar Whiskey – Best whiskey on the planet (in my opinion). Before Prohibition in 1920, they were bigger and better producers of whiskey than Jack Daniels. It was only because they followed the law and shut down, that we know who Jack is and not Nelson’s. Phenomenal whiskey tastings and tours close to downtown.

10. Printers Alley is the original best spot in town to listen to up and coming artists while having a drink. Jimi Hendrix, Billy Cox, and Elvis all graced the stages on this strip of bars. Now renovated, it’s the perfect little getaway from the madness on Broadway. Legend has it, underground tunnels ferried illicit booze into the bars from the Cumberland River during prohibition.

11. Summertime downtown has a very Floridian feel to it. Many locals will also travel to Destin, Florida (keep a lookout for those baby blue 30A stickers), but there is an incredible amount of elevated or even rooftop pools in the downtown realm.

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