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Nashville Yards

The Future


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Current excitement in Nashville is circling around the billion-dollar plus project spanning 17 acres called Nashville Yards.


To be completed between 2022 and 2023, Cary Mack and Mark Schlossberg, co-managing partners of Southwest Value Partners is transforming this central part of town to a beacon for Nashville business as it will include bringing in an estimated 5,000 high paying jobs from online giant, Amazon.


Currently, this is two and a half times more jobs provided by our two biggest employers Bridgestone and HCA Healthcare. 

Nashville is quickly becoming the most desirable city for work or play in not just the south, but across the United States. And to be frank, it’s all our fault. We have been showing off lately! Like a long-legged babe in a red dress, you can only ignore us for so long.


People are flooding to Nashville from around the world and our tourism industry has never been better. Culture, Music and Art along-side recent events like hosting the NFL Draft, CMA’s, and a 2021 Indy Car race are and will be massive draws to the area. And I’m sure being the Bachelorette capital of the world doesn’t hurt at all, either. 

The location for Nashville Yards is absolutely prime as well as it straddles The Gulch and Lower Broadway. For over a hundred years this area was a hub for activity and transportation. Connecting goods and people around the city and the country it was a lumber yard, a stone yard, and a brick yard. The inspiration and design from which will be captivated and used thoughtfully through the project. 

Overall, this move has caused quite the stir. How could it not? The amount of investment in a project like this is unprecedented for the city. Inevitably, this will turn this part of town into its own suburb, with its own vibe and sub culture. The 17 acres will contain offices, retail, residences, and a wide arrange of entertainment including a four-acre concert venue spearheaded by MGM and AEG Worldwide.

Revitalizing a large swath of town is not unusual for Nashville as other parts of town have seen investment and been modernized. The Gulch almost 15 years ago and SoBro most recently come to mind. 
In the end, Nashville’s success, is Amazon’s success. Would you bet against either of us right now?
More details to come as they are released. 



Professional Sports

Not only do you get to be within walking distance from a Predators or Titans game, but you also have access to everything that happens within those arenas. The biggest performances, comedy super shows, and concerts will happen here


Rooftop Bars and Speakeasies

There are too many to mention, but Downtown Nashville is littered with speakeasies and rooftop bars. Often times, they are uniquely designed and feature an exquisite menu. You must decide if you want the view, or would rather use the secret knock during your excursion. 


Frist Art Museum

With luxury art displays that come from around the world, the Frist Art Museum is a centerpiece for Downtown Nashville. The Frist's are not only extremely well off locals, but also very generous with their philanthropies in the city and country. 

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