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LIVE Market Stats

As I constantly seek the evasive answer to the real estate question that never dies, "What do you think the market is doing?", I found my answer constantly changing -- as it should -- as the market shifts.

I've said here that the Nashville Market is HOT, but where am I getting these numbers from? You may, or may not feel that what I am saying is true, but how would you really check me?


Now, I can show you exactly what I see on the inside of the howling V12 engine that is currently the Nashville real estate market.


LIVE, automatically updated stats is the best way for me to constantly show what is going on.


And for those that love stacks of graphs and numbers, this is the page for you!

Median Sales Price

5 Year History

New Listings

3 Year History

Avg. Days on Market

5 Year History

Closed Sales

3 Year History

Sales Price to List Price %

5 Year History

Total Volume Dollar Sold

5 Year History

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