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The Cumberland Nashville



Professional Sports

Not only do you get to be within walking distance from a Predators or Titans game, but you also have access to everything that happens within those arenas. The biggest performances, comedy super shows, and concerts will happen here


Rooftop Bars and Speakeasies

There are too many to mention, but Downtown Nashville is littered with speakeasies and rooftop bars. Often times, they are uniquely designed and feature an exquisite menu. You must decide if you want the view, or would rather use the secret knock during your excursion. 


Frist Art Museum

With luxury art displays that come from around the world, the Frist Art Museum is a centerpiece for Downtown Nashville. The Frist's are not only extremely well off locals, but also very generous with their philanthropies in the city and country. 



Renovated in 2006-2007, The Cumberland changed from hosting exclusively apartments to including condominiums and penthouses. The Cumberland is technically the oldest high rise in Nashville, it just wasn’t originally envisioned that way. 

Recently updated common areas and lobby with a very uniquely Nashville vibe. Artwork adorns most walls, from the front doors through the billiards room, all the way out back to the outdoor lounge area complete with gas grills.
The best priced two-story penthouses are located here, each has been uniquely updated, and range from the mid 800’s to north of 1 million dollars.

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